God's beauty and ubiquity compel me to write!

Foolish by Tokimonsta Featuring Gavin Turek

Fergie’s Meet Me Halfway is like the homlier cousin of this song, or perhaps the pubescent version of this song, as in it had all of the genes, but they hadn’t quite been stated to perfect fruition. But this song is ripe! This song is a diamond in the smooth! This song is the room temperature porridge! 

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On Losing

for you, 

I’d throw infinite kitchen sinks out the window 

unmoor all my anchors from all my shores 

to sink deeper yet

for your depths, I’d take my scores of tin medallions, my pearls of wisdom, my metal sums


smelt them at your feet into pools of oblivion, 

lose my face in your gaze and make it a mirror for you, 


nothing even matters to me but you. 

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mind loitering

an afterglow of film rolls

fills today’s din


with misalotted resonance.



away a

tempo to other chronologies,

mind loitering,

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"Say That" 

I like how this video plays with foreground and background as determined or obscured by an orange sweater.

And it is filmed in our parts! Makes me proud of our local flora and our local fauna (Toro Y Moi)

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pulling teeth

to string

together tiny agoras

of twisted arms,

circumlocution of pupils,

mouth wringing, in

murmuring rooms 

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In a Jutt

of viscera,


slips to



force of reconciliation

o’er blinking eons of carbon,

a swift gust of submission


Revolution to basis,

Love instantiated,

Son of man, irrefutable, son of man, 


oh Beautiful,



(Merry Christmas Jesus! Love you) 

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Fob Apparel and Lolita Tea Parlours and Made in Japan

But back, back east they certainly do some things better- pens and fitting Asian-American morphologies for example. I think it’s funny how we bastardize each other’s kitsch, each pursuing a veracity that we don’t see in our culture, but each knowing the inherent artifice of merchants’ shchleppings as cultural lores.

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Are in Be- Muhsinah

I love how this song ebbs and waxes through the “or” and “ai” sound! 

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Channing Tatum movie on TBS last night

More beauty for these eyes than belvedere torsos.

More for my head than saturatedly sexed reveries. 

More for these hands than (just) picking at ice cream and text messages. 

More than just interlocking, these lips

are for asking to depths,

pouring praise to dimension, 

uttering truth that can hold Your density. 

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oh You,

how You win me

with Your wax on and I waning ways 

realizing, suddenly, 

that the victory was trained like muscle

in my most elementary 

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